• Luca is results oriented and very professional. He has a huge knowledge about web marketing, sport environment, journalism and fencing coaching. He always does his best in anything. I just say: thank you Luca!

    Roberto Felli
    Roberto Felli Sporteevo.pro - Co-founder
  • Happens rarely the opportunity to work with people like Luca: careful, punctual (in meeting commitments), highly professional and outstanding skills of critical analysis (non-destructive) related to the problem solving. Briefly: the man who can make a difference in a team

    Antonio Agrillo
    Antonio Agrillo Unicredit - International Relationship Manager Senior
  • Mr. Guerrasio is a professional brilliant marketing advisor, a curious journalist, a sport coach and a tutor in the communication field. He has the ability to manage multiple tasks and accomplish goals efficiently and according to schedule. His responsible attitude toward his work ensure that he performs his tasks professionally. I expect that he will be a very positive addition to your company.

    Sara Grottola
    Sara Grottola Antin Solar Investments SpA - Investment Manager
  • Luca is one of the best prepared marketing senior specialists I've ever met up. His great attention to the team work needs always makes his committments a guaranteed success. Luca's got high level communication know-how and expertise; he's always focused on analyzing problems and finding out the perfect solutions. He is a very committed specialist, always aiming at thinking out of the box, not to mention some of his additional strenghts areas, such as reliability, availability and a great supportive attitude

    Simona Boriani
    Simona Boriani Mercedes-Benz Italia S.p.A - Corporate Activity Area Specialist Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing Division
  • Self motivated, good friend, good team player, focused on target achievement. Luca owns all the marketing specialist skills: reliable and precise at the same time, he spends a lot of time analyzing problems and finding the rights solutions. It's always a great pleasure working with him

    Giancarlo Agrillo
    Giancarlo Agrillo Telecom Italia - Digital Product Manager
  • Ho avuto la possibilità di collaborare con Luca su diversi progetti dopo l'università ed ho trovato la collaborazione con lui molto costruttiva. Luca è un professionista molto serio ed affidabile, con elevate competenze nel marketing e nella comunicazione e con una notevole capacità di lavorare per obiettivi. Mi auguro di avere nuovamente la possibilità di collaborare con lui in futuro

    Luca Panza
    Luca Panza Apple - Telco Regional Account Manager
  • Accuracy, curiosity, passion are just a really few qualities I appreciate in Luca's work. His wondrous balance between strict theoretical sources and brand-new sparkling case-histories make of his lessons an extremely pleasant way of learning for both students and colleagues. I guess the word best summarizing his job is "Entertraining", as he owns the pure talent of combining a strong and effective teaching attitude with an amazing and catchy storytelling

    Roberto Ottolino
    Roberto Ottolino A - Tono - Senior Copywrite
  • Luca é stato uno degli insegnanti più coinvolgenti che io abbia incontrato: capace di farti appassionare e divertire. La sua "lezione" è un appuntamento a cui si fa di tutto per non mancare!

    Eleonora Noce
    Eleonora Noce Mercedes - Benz Italia - Product Manager Vans
  • Luca is an energetic and professional consultant who is passionate about and gets deeply involved in marketing topics. It's a pleasure to do a project with him.

    Giovanni Buscemi
    Giovanni Buscemi FCA Fleet Services - Marketing Manager UK
  • Luca represents a new concept of what a modern Professor should be: expert and talented, with an extended knowledge of economics and marketing fundamentals, and always up the way into understanding the evolution of brands and markets. Undoubtedly a granted opportunity for professionals and TOP Management education

    Simone Raimondi
    Simone Raimondi Mercedes - Benz Italia - Best Customer Experience Coordinator
  • Luca is dubtless a trustable friend as well as an incomparable professional. His attitude to listen combined with his natural skill to focus the point of the business, give him a plus, both as a friend and professional. Due to his long experience working for multinational companies, he developed a deep and strenght acknoledge of the national and international sport market. Luca is the right person to assist those companies which deserve to set up, develop and growth a stellar and capillar marketing strategy for the promotion of their activities, products and brands. I definitely reccomend him

    Riccardo Vitolo
    Riccardo Vitolo Avvocato - Civil & Commercial Litigation
  • Professional attitude, vision and details care, these the three key words of Luca's job. He is the right partner for a team work, but he can be able to be focused on personal objectives

    Guido Ciancio
    Guido Ciancio Head of Strategic Partnership presso Skilla - Amicucci Formazione
  • Luca is a marketing consultant; a curious journalist, a sport coach and a teacher. The new generation of "consultant" should have: an "open vision", full of useful information, ready to find an exit strategy in any situation. There is only one way to have all of that qualities: have had different exerience, have worked for many corporates with different responsabities and have a very large, and different, know how.

    Luigi Canzanella
    Luigi Canzanella DHL - International Financial Controller Mainland Europe
  • Luca is characterized by competence, speed of learning and problem solving. Working with him has been stimulating and inspiring. The best demonstration of his skills is evident in his articles, reports, files and press releases, that are characterized by a brilliant property of language, fluency and accuracy. He understands the importance of listening to the clients and to built strong relationships with them because he is characterized by a pure inclination to human relations. I always find a valuable support in Luca that often suggests me good ideas and evaluations

    Carolina Caselli
    Carolina Caselli Sales and marketing executive - Grand Hotel de la Minerve
  • I had the pleasure to have professional collaboration with Mr. Guerrasio in the last year. He provided me and my company his personal and professional advices about marketing and communications processes with great commitment. I would like to emphasize his well developed ability to work and advice conceptually and constructively, as well as his precise judgement. His working methods are marked by trustworthiness and he has impressed me with his high level of social competence. His friendly, open and accommodating manner is greatly valued inside the company I was employed.

    Paolo Pulcinelli
    Paolo Pulcinelli Marketing and E-business Manager - Findomestic Banca
  • Luca collaborated with me as business journalist and marketing expert. He’s an innovative thinker in the area of web marketing with creative ideas and the right attitude to make them real. He is also a very clever user of new media, particularly social media. He is always concentrated to the task at hand; moreover he is organized, efficient and completely trustworthy. I will very much look forward to working with Luca again in the future.

    Alberto Masini
    Alberto Masini Translation & Web Marketing - albertomasini.com
  • Conosco Luca da qualche anno in veste di consulente marketing apprezzandone la grande professionalità e l'evidente passione con cui interpreta il suo ruolo. Il valore aggiunto di Luca e' costituito dalla solida preparazione su tematiche specifiche relative al marketing, alla comunicazione ed al management.

    Alessandro Noto
    Alessandro Noto Digital Marketing Manager - Federazione Italiana scherma
  • Luca è una risorsa eccellente: professionalità, affidabilità, precisione ed organizzazione sono i suoi punti di forza. La sua "killer application" è indubbiamente la spiccata capacità di problem solving e le eccellenti doti comunicative. Lavorare con Luca è un'esperienza che arricchisce!

    Esther Formisani
    Esther Formisani Project Manager - OESCMI - Economic Observatory
  • Luca è un professionista dinamico e coinvolgente, che - nella veste di formatore in cui l'ho conosciuto - ha saputo interessare, stimolare e guidare il dibattito, contribuendo alla crescita professionale dei partecipanti ai corsi.

    Silvia Luminati Retail Marketing Professional Mercedes-Benz Italia SpA
  • Luca ci ha fornito una consulenza non accademica ma molto pratica ed utile. Sono stati ottimi gli spunti al termine di ogni incontro. I miei ed io abbiamo molto apprezzato le spiccate capacità relazionali ed un pizzico di "anticonformismo" che hanno contraddistinto gli interventi di Luca presso i nostri uffici.

    Sergio Vettor
    Sergio Vettor Business Development & Direct Sales Coordinator - Mercedes-Benz Italia
  • Luca is a communications professional that stands out for his managerial skills in every project. His deep knowledge of marketing issues allows him to elaborate the most sophisticated strategies. Luca has good management skills when working within groups and furthermore he is also self-motivated and can function autonomously within any strategic or operational project

    Michele Giovannini
    Michele Giovannini Marketing Communication Manager - Melt Advertising S.r.l.
  • Conosco Luca da diversi anni ed ho avuto avuto l'opportunità di collaborare con lui in diverse circostanze. Ho apprezzato molto le sue doti e, sopratutto, la sua capacità di mettersi in gioco anche in mercati completamente nuovi. Sicuramente le sue esperienze e le sue competenze multidisciplinari lo hanno aiutato e lo aiuteranno in futuro. Se continuerà a mettere determinazione, impegno e passione nel suo lavoro, vedo, nel suo futuro, una carriera piena di successi.

    Clara Cristaudo
    Clara Cristaudo Responsabile Nazionale Centro Studi e Ricerche - Federazione Arrampicata Sportiva
  • Luca works with contagious enthusiasm and brings energy to any project. He is concise and deep, curious about the world, eager to learn and looking for an opportunity to grow. Luca shows a very attentive and vivid mind and will to change the world with his determination, generosity and incredible thoroughness which are a rare traits today

    Andrea Giammasi Print production Manager - Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Highly skilled and deeply committed in everything he does, Luca is a person you'll enjoy working with. He has an extraordinary knowledge of sport marketing issues and great organizational skills; these two elements make him not only a very good colleague, but a fantastic teammate

    Nicola Bernardini
    Nicola Bernardini Owner - Sport System Europe
  • He studies the business problem before acting, takes decisions, pursues results and provides new insights when working on a project He looks for answers and is humble enough to doubt and try again. His passion is still very visible in his work attitude and in the simple and straightforward approach to projects.

    Maria Maddalena Ferrari Psicologa del lavoro e dello sport - CONI
  • Luca is a brilliant person, he has multiple interests and during the last years he developed varied skills in different fields. Curiosity, ability to move and act professionally in different territories, richness and depth of knowledge in many fields, are what makes Luca a solid and interesting professional profile.

    Annalisa Fanali
    Annalisa Fanali Senior Brand Manager - Peas Iglo Group Limited (Birds Eye)
  • What distinguished Luca was his enthusiasm, professionalism and the ability to cope with the pressure of any situation. He is conscientious, hardworking and always willing to do any task to improve and enhance himself. He can work under any environment, stressful and peaceful, and is determined to work to the best of his potential all the time. He is reliable, and highly committed to the role of marketing. He is detailed and goal oriented, punctual, quality-minded as well as determined, persevering and responsible.

    Daniela Piscioneri
    Daniela Piscioneri Supply Chain Manager and International markets and B2B Communication - Sinerga SpA
  • Luca è un professionista di alto livello, riesce sempre a raggiungere gli obiettivi prefissati. E' costante, determinato e totalmente orientato al marketing. Persona di fiducia in qualsiasi evenienza.

    Livio La Mattina
    Livio La Mattina Founder & Marketing manager presso - Tikidoo e Strategia360